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Milly Media is a marketing and content management firm based in eastern North Carolina. We specialize in social media strategy, implementation, and management. We seek to help our clients expand their brand through a strong online presence and continuous social engagement. 

Milly Media isn't just a one-and-done business...we want to be part of your team! We care about relationships and want to grow with you. 

Milly Media was founded by accountant and blogger Sarah Gaylor. Sarah's business sense as an accountant and creativity as a blogger helps her to bring clients the perfect marketing balance. 


Sarah makes it a part of her daily life to remain on top of current and developing marketing and social media trends and methodologies that can be effective in furthering the brands of her clients.

About Milly Media

At Milly Media, we have worked with brands across a variety of industries, including:​

  • Healthcare

  • Real estate

  • Accounting & financial planning

  • Retail

  • Non-profit

  • Health & fitness

  • Travel

  • Mortgage lending

  • Employee benefits & insurance

  • Screen printing & embroidery

  • Event venues

  • Lawn care & landscaping

  • Political campaigns

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